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he's been released. the contra costa district attorney asked for a emergency stay but it was denied. the court says he's no longer a threat. putting an ankle bracelet won't guarantee the safety. he has access. >> and back here live you see going on two hours crowds still out here tonight. one of the owners of this property was able to come out and talk us to about this. he says people such as christman must and given a way to reenter society. but there's more than their fair share of sex offenders in this area and we're putting that together for 6:00. aviation officials are trying to figure out what caused a plane the park into a parking lot this afternoon. it crashed not long after taking off. the faa says the plane began
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experiencing trouble after takeoff and had to circle back to make a landing. the fire burned 10 cars, no one on the ground was hurt. i heard it from several people, people were scrambling to move their cars and get away it from. they said a plane was coming in, it banked hard and they said the plane dropped on the lot. the plane is believed to be based in fort lauderdale, the people have not been identified. a meeting of a mind at stanford university. professors, business leaders and policy makes, they discussed tax reform, health care, and the future of the economy in europe, people at the event told us the tone was encouraging. >> the economy is in the process of healing. the economy is better, it has a
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ways to go, unemployment is a couple percentage points lower than it was. it was the stanford institute for economic research. the summit is in the 10th year. on keat is -- wall street closed a little bit lower. from a u.s. marine to the san jose police force, one of dozens of stories at the police academy graduated a new closs. how this graduation comes after years of cut backs. >> 43 men and women entered this hall as civilians and they lefts asworn police officer. this is san jose police academy class 18. two women and 41 men marched into park side hall to graduate
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after the toughest six months of their lives. >> i prefer to think of the last six months and what we have accomplished. we're peace officers, we're realizing our dreams. >> it will be a big honor to be a part of this. 33-year-old matthew barerra joined the department after spending years in the marine corps. i've seen evil, i know what it can do. it have will be fun letting bad guys know who's in charge. it will be a welcome addition to the streets of san jose. >> so things have gotten better and we're so grateful we can hire more officers and to see the new, young recruits excited is a good thing. >> considering there were 140 resignations in the past with
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the years if union is not optimistic. as far as being an loyer and under the mayor ship of reed it's not a good place to be. >> the new officers will work with feel training officers and work solo by midsummer. at 6:00 you will meet another new officer and his proud family. bart police are looking for two gunman in connection with a deadly shooting in front of bart passengers. the gunman opened up at the richmond station and took off. a man was shot at the stairs. investigators are trying to determine if the gunman followed the victim from a trainor if they were riding bart before the shooting. passengers described the seen as chaotic. >> if i got on the elevator any sooner i would be in the crossfire. i cried because i had never seen a dead body before.
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no arrests have been made. a man jumps behind the wheel of a cab and take offense leading police on a chase. brian flores reports on what happened and the technology that made all the difference. >> reporter: pacific heights is a quiet neighborhood, this morning a man flagged down a caber in jackson and buchanon. >> the suspect began jumping on the hood of the vehicle and took point where he shattered windshield. the cabdriver taking advice from the dispatch locked the door but opened the door and left the cab and left the keys in the ignition and the suspect took off in the cab. you are concerned about driver safety when you hear this. when i heard the driver was okay that was my first
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priority. the cab company's dispatch recorded the cab's every moment following it to jackson and spruce. the suspect came toward officers chipping to patrol cars. the officers fired at the cab. we located the taxi cab abandoned and located the suspect flue the cab was abandoned. each of the cabs have gps and that was released to police. they found the suspect on foot. >> our dispatch supervisor got on the phone to the police told the police what happened and was able to follow it on the gps screen and tell the police where the cab was and track it. >> over all there were no injuries the the driver, the suspect or the officers involved. >> the driver says he's been with the company for seven years and through the company he says theys shaken up but
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doing okay. as for the suspect he could face several charges including vandalism, carjacking and assault on officers. an elementary school was locked don't as police searched for suspect. carmen dragon school was put on lockdown, police were searching south of the school but didn't say what the suspects were wanted for. the lockdown was lifted at noon. the obama administration is beefing up the west coast missile defense in response to threat business north korea. the tests of technology. the pentagon is increasing the number of interceptors on the coast of california and alaska from 30 to 44. the new interceptors are scheduled to be deployed by
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2017. lawmakers in maryland passed a measure banning capital punishment. maryland's general assembly approved the bill. maryland's governor is expected to sign it. the supports of the bill argue that it's costly, racially biased and a poor deter ant to crime. before you couldn't assume this weekend, consider this is the $16,000 beer and that doesn't include the ride in the back of the car. back here in 10 minute, how long will it be for your saturday and sunday. what you can expect this weekend.
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. a truck fire caused problems in livermore, traffic in three eastbound lanes near airway boulevard were impacted. the highway patrol says the
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rig's trailer burned. the driver got the vehicle over to the shoulders before firefighters arrived. as many prepare to celebrate st. patrick's day sunday, there's more reason to do so responsibly. new information about the cost of driving under the influence. john fowler joins us live with thousands of reasons not to drink and drive. >> reporter: get pulled over after one too much and that could cast you $16,000 and maybe a lot more. the minimum cost for a first time misdemeanor dui offender, 15,$649. >> i think it's -- $1,560,049. >> it will have a greater amount impact in lowers. >> alcohol involved in fewer
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than 45% of fatal crashes and going down. dui the lowest in seven years, on average 600 are arrested for dui every day. they don't take into consideration the entire ramification of something that's avoid able. fines, court cost of jurisdiction fees and the arresting officers hourly wage billed to the offender. if you're under 21 the minimum you will pay is $22,000. not to mention the human toll, the costs are skyrockets. >> it's not worth the gamble. it's dangerous. >> they have not publicized this, aaa confirmed on st. patricks evening they will offer free 10-mile tows to anyone who's had too much to drink. the board of directors the
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looking for ways to avoid a automatic fare increase. if they don't it will increase july 1. one of the options the board is considering lowering the basic fare to $2 and changes routes. the board hopes toes have a more definitive plan by next month. several blocks of foothill boulevard, a street and mission boulevard will be converted to one way. it is the downtown loop. center dividers have been change. it's the final phase of a multiyear project. you can go to and click on web links for full details on the changes. toyota is recalling 200,000 suvs due the seat belt
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problems. the seat belt retractors could come off. the problem involves 209,000 fj cruisers from the 2000 through 213 model years. an ace bay family is picking up the pieces after a house fire in pittsburgh. flames broke out before 5:00 a.m. on the house on hill view drive, not far from buchanan road. heavy smoke was pouring from the home when firefighters arrived. they were abaconned by an -- awoken by an explosion. >> i'm in shock, i can't look at it. i want to cry. the fire caused an estimated 200,000-dollars in damage. investigators say it may have been fueled by paint stored in
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the garage. a truck driver whose family reported him missing is home. he disappeared last week leaving his keys, cell phone and money behind. police discovered he checked into a motel in fairfield and called off the search. the father of four is back at home, the family members don't want to discuss why he left. at&t park is dressed up for baseball. for the world baseball classic. crews were making the finishing touches around the field. the world baseball class six the world's premier international baseball classic. it began two weeks ago, the semifinals are sunday and monday at at&t followed by the championship on tuesday. >> this is where the best players in the world can gather represent their home countries, what better place to do it.
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>> game tickets are available. it was great weather for baseball. what will it be like for the finals. we go to the bill martin for the forecast. the weather is great. numbers are coming back up. in the 60s and low 70s. saturday another nice day. a lot of clouds, those clouds have been filtering the sunshine, we're seeing temperature in the 60s and 70s. it's been a nice run of weather. there's been patchy coastal fog, but mostly hazy filtered sunshine. a 74 right now in ante action her -- antioch area. as we go into the bay area saturday and sunday. the same, it will be fine tuning and subtleties the next two days with the fog and the
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die time highs. we won't be in the 80s or the 50s, temperature will be mile. as we go into the bay area weekend. the dry forecast continues, the rain coming, you will see it in the 5-day forecast, rain and cooler number as we get into the five day. the overnight lows are in the 40, haven't seen a lot of frost, look for partly cloudy conditions and areas of fog, dense fog, not this morning, just be reedy for that -- ready, if you're flying, you want to check the fog conditions before you go in the morning, that kind of fog producing delays. tomorrow morning in the 40s, tomorrow afternoon, 70s, and 80s in a couple places, when i come back i'll show you where the rain is. we'll get specific with the
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forecast high for saturday and sunday. breaking news in the top story we brought you, a missing scotts valley man matthew abraham has been found in salt lake city, utah. you got this minutes ago. that's right. this story began picking up speed when they thought they captured mathew abraham on videotape in nevada yesterday. 10 minutes ago the sheriff department confirmed he's been identified and found in salt lake city. according to a sheriffs spokesperson he was spotted in salt lake city, his picture was spotted in salt lake city someone traveling with him. we don't know who that person was. the third party recognized mathew abraham as a missing person and reported the authorities. they contacted the people and
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confirmed the person in salt lake city is the 20-year-old missing. they are coordinating with authorities. we don't know how much direct contact they have had but they are trying to make arrangements to have him come back here or go out there. they are hoping to have him return home. again, the big news going on here is that they have confirmed that 20-year-old matthew abraham has been found in salt lake city and the family will address the media hopefully in 15 minutes. they are in contact with him. they say i hads in good condition, he is safe and in good condition and as soon as they can make arrangements to bring him home they will. his 21st birthday is thursday. again, matthew abraham found in salt lake city and arrangements remembering made to bring him home. there will be a press
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conference in 10 to 15 minutes to continue firm the details. robert honda. >> when the family of matthew abraham speaks we'll pass it to you. coming up a stinky situation, the strike by some workers that lasted only a few hours but may have left some customers with full garbage cans. it's the real thing, who it belongs to and how it's connected to the titanic.
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s. >> firefighters in colorado are battling a growing wildfire. the shoal year fire has burned 200-acres. the flames are not threatening structures. much of colorado is dealing with warm weather and drought conditions but cooler weather is expected tomorrow. a low cost bus carrier has larched a new service.
5:23 pm makes stops in sacramento and sparks nevada. now they have two daily departures from san francisco to the silver legacy resort in reno. it is selling a number of tickets for $1 a piece. tomorrow officials at waste management is promising to finish up garbage routes that were missed this morning. clerical workers joined with landfill workers outside the headquarters and held pickets. they are upset about wages and work conditions. union members two drive garbage trucks honored the picket lines. >> this job is dangerous, you have to be careful not to get hurt, it's a struggle. they are fed up. they are fed up, we're going to continue to do this until they
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represent us. >> they have a right to do what they want to do. we have to service our customers. >> members of the international longshore and warehouse union said they called the strike because they were frustrated by contract negotiations. a british house has the violin played by the band master of the titanic as it sank. one of the 1500 people who died when the titanic struck the high school berg. his vine -- iceberg the violin will go on display in ireland and eventually auctioned off. a deadline today that could determine the future of the city college of san francisco, why are so many california champion community colleges in
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trouble. >> as the supreme court taking up california same-sex marriage ban they get an ally.
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. >> the future hangs in the world. ccsf needs to prove it is financially stable. is it not alone. today marks a major deadline for city college of san francisco. rob is live in san francisco with the challenges the school faces with accreditation and what's at stake for the students. >> reporter: the campus here is cleared out for the weekend, and the wind is kicking in.
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city college has met the deadline and submitted the 300 plus page report details why the college shouldn't be allowed to stay open. >> at city college of san francisco students worry if the school will shut down. it means i have to save money to go to another college, but at this point i don't have that money. today is the deadline for the college to fix the defiercenessies -- if i. in a statement the chancellor wrote i am confidence that ccsf will emerge as a stronger greater amount institution. in california 19 community colleges face some senses among them merit college received a low 11 ill warning.
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>> in the east bay there have never been problems. >> i worry about toy have enough money to cover all the things i need to cover. will we honor all the contracts. >> the interim chancellor said he are at the of the budget. >> it is based on something solid wh

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